On the day...


What do you need?

What happens in bad weather?

What will the birds do?

The most important things are appropriate outdoor clothing and stout foot wear. Dress warmly, you can always take layers off. It’s a good idea to check the weather forecast before you come, you may need wellies and sunscreen on the same day!

The hawks love to have their picture taken, so don’t forget to bring your camera and your best smile for some fantastic photo opportunities.

   Warm Clothes

     Sturdy Boots

       Sun Block


           Big Smile

Of course, you will be provided with a hawking glove to handle your bird.

Oh, and if you forget your wellies, don’t worry, the hawks will lend you a pair of theirs.

Of course, he will also frequently come to land on your gloved hand and see how you’re getting on. Your hawk may fly some distance and even disappear from view for some moments, don’t worry, it’s all part of the game.

The moment you let a bird of prey fly free you never really know what will happen, that’s where all the fun and excitement starts. Typically, you will start  by holding the hawk for a short time so you can get to know each other, but then the hawk will spend most of the session free. He will follow you as you walk, demonstrating his aerobatic capabilities and finding places to perch along way.

Now if you visit us for a Half Day experience, you’ll receive a photograph package including several pictures of you with your birds, all on a disc.

Refreshments are also provided on Half Day sessions.

We Fly in all weathers!

On HALF DAY experiences you should also have a chance to handle a super-dooper owl!

The focus of the session is on flying, to exercise and bond with the hawk. They are not hunting sessions. But it is important to remember that these birds are predators, with strong instinct and their own free will, so on a very rare occasion they may not be able to resist giving chase to a tasty looking beast.

It’s very uncommon that a session will have to be postponed because the weather is too nasty for the hawks. Though severe wind, thick fog, and torrential rain of biblical proportions may occasionally cause them a problem. If you’re in any doubt, please give us a call.