special deals for Schools, Care homes & community groups


The hawks would be delighted to visit your school, community group or care home

Group sessions with members or residents can take place on your premises either inside or outside, they may involve a little presentation and flying demonstration but would be predominantly interactive, with those who are willing and able getting the chance to handle to hawk whilst chatting with the falconer.

In care homes, time can also be set aside for room visits for those residents who are not up to joining the rest of the gang on the day.

Prices start from £90 for an hour and £25 for every extra half hour.

(Mileage is free for the first 15 miles of the round trip from LL16 4LA, then charged at 45p per mile thereafter)

For any further information please contact us on 07704 366244

or at info@falconry-experiences.com